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Bearclaw Custom Native Jewelry

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Images may have shadows or reflections but gold is 14k or better, silver is 925 Sterling, platinum is 950 

Chains - Fine Italian Gold and Silver

Pendants need chains so our prices are excellent

Please be aware that prices are subject to change as the markets keeps going up , up and away !

Visit a Jeweler Store and please make sure you know the style, width, and thickness you want, !

There are no returns on chains

Click on the images to go to a large full view and cost page.

Need a Pendant ?

Native Themes - Non Native themes - Cast - Appliqued - Feathers - Medicine wheel - Mountains - with Gems - Kanji- Round pendants - Lockets

We enjoy and appreciate Non-Kinking chains.

We feel you should be able to take a chain and roll it in your hands and it would not be damaged

Prices change as the precious metals markets fluctuate.

Roughly a 'small' necklace weights up to 10 grams, a medium necklace 10-25, a large 25-40 and a very thick necklace to 70 grams.

All silver is .925  Italian,
all gold Chains are 14k or 18k
all gold findings are 10k,14k or 18k
The price per gram is: Silver-$-3 per gram 14k gold $-32 to $-37 per gram.18k gold $-38 to $-47 per gram depending on chain style. How to figure the cost
How much does good quality Cost ? (from us?... very little)

Find the chain style and it's gram weight that you would like.

2. The gram weight is for an 18" chain.

3. If you do not want an 18", divide the gram weight by 18 and then
times it by your desired length, (8 ? 16 ? 20 ? 22 ? ).

This will be your total gram weight. If you want an 18" chain then
just use that gram weight for the next step.

4. Next: times your desired new gram weight by the cost of the
desired metal below.
( A Money per Gram Chart is also on each chains
information page).

( These are rough costs below )

Silver - $-3 / gram
14k gold - $-40 to $-55 / gram
18k gold - $-51 to $-70 / gram
Add shipping :
$-18 in Canada -
$-25 in the US -
$50 - $80 internationally
for example:

- You like a Figaro that weights 36 grams for an 18"
- You would like a silver 22" chain.
- divide weight,(36 grams), by length,(18) = 2 grams per inch
- Times by desired length ,( 22") is 2 x 22 = 44 grams.,
44 grams times by the cost of the metal , silver is
-44 x $-3 = $-132

and so
presto ! That's how much quality costs !!
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