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Bearclaw Custom Native Jewelry

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Images may have shadows or reflections but gold is 14k or better, silver is 925 Sterling, platinum is 950 

Albatross earring stud

ERnn1 - Albatross

dojo arrings

ERnn3 - Disc and Hoop Dojo Earrings

bat stud earring

ERnn5 - A Bat

large hoop earrings

ERnn8 - Hoops

turquoise earrings

ERnn10 - Turquoise

silver and Turquoise  earrings

ERnn11 - Turquoise

Misty Mountain Cabs

ERnn12 - Misty Mountain Cabs

Androsace Flower stud earring

ERnn2 - Androsace Flower

 stud earring small Dragons

ERnn4 - small Dragons

 stud earring small Dragons

ERnn6 - Gold and silver sword

greyhound earrings in silver

ERnn7 - Grayhounds

earrings Diamonds and Flowers

ERnn9 - Diamonds and Flowers

turquoise earrings


Pink Argentina Cabs

ERnn14 - Pink Argentina Cabs

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