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Bearclaw Custom Native Jewelry

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Images may have shadows or reflections but gold is 14k or better, silver is 925 Sterling, platinum is 950 

Non-Native Themed Custom Pendants

1912 gold coin

NNcp1- 1912 and a 1911 US and Canadian '$5 ' Gold Coins in setting

Mapleleaf jewish star of david Ammolite

NNcp25 - 1-1/4" Maple leaf, Star of David and Ammolite

Cast Multi-Symbol Pendan

NNcp3 - Cast Multi-Symbol Pendant.

dolphin pendant

NNcp5- Dolphin Charm


NNcp7 - FP Pendant

little girl pendant

NNcp9 - This charm was about an inch high engraved with the child's name and birthday and was added to a bracelet that had several other grandchildren's charms

star and moon

NNcp11 - Our Daughter's first wax carving

teardrop pendant bee

NNcp13 - Bee Pendant

OM in 14k gold

NNcp15 - OM in Gold

Sanskrit pendant

NNcp17 - Sanskrit

Hammered Disc

NNcp8 - Hammered Disc

14k Gold #1 Mom Pendant

NNcp28 - 14k Gold #1 Mom Pendant

pendant Amethyst and rope/knot

NNcp2 - Amethyst and rope/knot

Dojo Pendant

NNcp4 - Dojo Pendant style available, ( but not the dojo symbol )

Teardrop Sapphire Pendant

NNcp6 - Teardrop Sapphire Pendant

Capped Dog Tooth from a beloved Police Dog

NNcp12 - Capped Dog Tooth from a beloved Police Dog

Rose medallion in silver

NNcp14 - A Rose medallion

triangle charm pendant

NNcp16 - Triangle Charm

BOTNL pendant

NNcp18 - BOTNL pendant

stars necklace

NNcp23- Stars Necklace

sailboat charm

NNcp24 - Sailboat Charm

sun pendant gold on gold

PenAp23 - Gold Sun on Silver

pendant Celtic Wolf - Stag with Amber

NNcp19- Celtic Wolf - Stag with Amber

Coyomito Cab

NNcp26 - Coyomito Cab

Lumberman's Axe with 3mm Ruby

NNcp27 - Lumberman's Axe with 3mm Ruby

Sea Horse by Jeff Brent
sea horse by Jeff Brent

NNcp25 - This special diamond encrusted sea horse is for sale for a friend.

Pricing and diamond list available when double clicked

Amethyst pendant by Jeff Brent
Checker board cut Amethyst

NNcp26 - 20mm X 15mm Checker board cut Amethyst

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