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Bearclaw Custom Native Jewelry

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Images may have shadows or reflections but gold is 14k or better, silver is 925 Sterling, platinum is 950 

A Few Wedding Ring Samples

( ...Just a few samples...)

All these samples can be double-clicked on and you will be taken to their main display page......or....multiple samples of the same style can be found by using the top pull-down bar above , ( Rings - More Rings..ect....), under categories that describe how they are made , such as 'Rings Appliqued' , 'RingsEngraved' or 'Rings Appliqued-Stones'....... or the design, such as 'Mountain rings', '4 Directions' , or 'Feather rings'....there are about 45 main category pages that contain about 1400 rings we have designed.

...and many have been designed and created by custom request.... So...what do you have in mind ?

platinum and emerald ring gold bear fetish ring diamonds stars and bearclaw gold ring medicine wheel ring in gold 14k gold on silver feather applique ring 5mm topaz and gold feather medicine wheel ring
appliqued wolfpaw and diamond ring in rose gold and white gold yellow and white gold mountain ring cherokee and paws ring thunderbird and turquoise feather ring medicine wheel and sapphire ring
hopi hummingbird turquoise ring elk platinum citrine diamond rose gold and diamnd ring cast eagle head ring grizzly and paws ring 14k white gold medicine wheel ring diamonds
onyx ruby citrine and diamond channel set diamond and sapphire ring golod bearclaw ring cherokee and eagle head ring buffalo sunrise gold ring medicine wheel gold on silver
elk and horse gold ring citrines and diamonds butterfly with diamonds and gold gold eagle ring feather and diamnds cast white gold butterfly and rose gold on silver medicine wheel emerald
eagle heads and diamond eyes dolphine and diamond hummingbird and turquoise dragon and ruby eagle head wrap-around with diamond eyes thunderbird and fox onyx mammoth tooth jasper and coral
Life Learn from Past Wisdom God is King eagle and flames star sapphire and gold feather jade wolfpaw feather with emerald and sapphires moonstone and diamonds medicine wheel
medicine wheel opals onyx deer horn ruby medicine wheel feather beads silver on gold gold feather on silver medicine wheel .50ct diamond and opals
medicine wheel medicine wheel topaz OM ring grizzly paws with .32ct diamond yellow gold ribs on white flame ring medicine wheel diamond
medicine wheel sunburst leaf citrine topaz grizzly heads in gold grizzly paws in gold grizzly mountain ring
medicine wheel turquoise heart ruby hawk heart emerald and sapphires wolfface and green garnets mountains star and diamond
medicine wheel thick band medicine wheel gold disc hummingbirds and emeralds hummingbirds and diamonds hummingbirds and diamonds medicine wheel ruby
koru rose gold yellow gold hearts and birthstones mothers ring salmon white and yellow gold medicine wheel moonstone onyx citrine coral diamond medicine wheel 6mm emerald 7X5 star sapphire
medicine wheel onyx mammoth tooth coral jasper medicine wheel garnet hales and sun wolfface gold medicine wheel onyx diamond ruby citrine cllas lilly opal
channel set diamonds V4 medicine wheel onyx diamond ruby citrine medicine wheel opal green garnet wolf paws medicine wheel oak leaf
wlfpaw signet style mountain moon ring 4 directions ruby medicine wheel sun wave medicine wheel ruby 1 ct diamond
wolfpaw sapphire oak leaf ruby diamnd sapphire tigers sapphires mountain ring mammoth tooth swiss cross celtic weave whales and .80 diamond
wolf face paws ruby hummingbird topaz amethyst sapphire alexandrite Channel set diamonds - 4 - .04ct - VS1-2 and G/H color MedWhlBuffaloMntsrMamJasCorOnSS-1.JPG MedWhlBuffaloMntsrMamJasCorOnSS-2.JPG MedWhlBuffaloMntsrMamJasCorOnSS-3.JPG MedWHlDiscLapisCoralMamOnyxG-1.JPG MedWHlDiscLapisCoralMamOnyxG-2.JPG MedWhlGreenBlueOpalSS-1.JPG MedWhlGreenBlueOpalSS-2.JPG MedWhlMamJasCoralOnyx6mmSS.JPG tMedWhlBuffmedicine wheel lapis coral onyx mammoth tooth gold on gold.JPG eagle wings on medicine wheel medicine wheel sun burst engraved in gold
medicine bow peak
mountain ring with waves
ierra Nevada Turquoise
San Juan turquoise
Lapis Garnet
mango beach lighthouse water golds

all designs are original and property of

Bearclaw Jewelry

Box 3264 Mission B.C., V2V 4J4 , Canada copyright © 1987 to 2017

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